Along Came a Spider

The next reason I was not initially in to the Spider revolved around the issue of Supers. Quickly, for those new to this, a Super is created when two genes of an incomplete dominant mutation are present, creating a different visual outcome. The prevailing thought for years has been that a Super Spider is a lethal combination. Lately, this seems to not be the case. There has bee no evidence that the rate of lost embryos is anywhere near the expected for a lethal Super when a Spider-to-Spider pairing is done.

Ok, so WHY should we love the Spider? Two words: combo potential. A great looking spider can be astunning base morph on its own, but when added to other base morphs it can truly turn things up to 11. Remember, that the primary thing the Spider gene does for us is reduce pattern, but in may cases it can also increase the white on the sides of the animal (referred to as “high white”). So, when crossed with another high white morph such as Calico or Sugar, the results can be stunning.

The pattern reduction can be taken a step further when crossed with another pattern reducing morph such as Pinstripe. This leaves an almost gold snake called a Spinner.

Quality Spiders also tend to be more gold-colored than dark brown. This can be turned up a notch with the addition of a “highlighter gene” such as Fire or Yellow Belly.

Fire Spider female

Group shot

At this point, Spider has pretty much been mixed in to everything, but there are still more combos out there to be had. For those of us willing to deal with the minor quirks that the Spider gene can bring, the reward can be simply stunning. Just remember to shop for the snake not for the deal, and look for quality and good reputation in your chosen breeders.

And for the record on android smart tv box amazon, I am still afraid of creepy eight-legged spiders…

Dave Jenkins
Royal Hijinx Pythons