Albino Ball Python

Combination potential

This gene has pretty much seen its combination potential played out through several albino combo animals which have been produced over the years. All in all, I’d give the albino ball python a score of 4 out of 10 when it comes to combinations simply because the other variations of the gene like the lavender and toffee have proven to make for the preferred combo gene. The regular albino is an awesome base morph all by itself, but if you’re looking for the next cutting edge combo maker I’d go with something more along the lines of the lavender albino.

Current market status

The current market status is thriving at the pet store and beginner private ball python breeder level for this gene. Although, albinos once sold for 25k just about 20 years ago today the price is pretty steady at a couple hundred bucks, but at that price they are selling extreme well in large numbers at the pet store level. We have seen an increase in price and demand for adult albino females since the discovery that the toffee ball python is compatible with the albino ball python was made public last year. With that news hitting the market there have been droves of breeders willing to pay pretty decent money for adult females in hopes of producing the toffee/albino cross also known as the toffino. Another progression that has helped keep the market stable for this gene is that a lot of smaller private breeders have quit working with the gene to pursue more profitable genes, leaving a small void in supply. On the other hand the larger commercial breeders are probably filling that void easily as they produce hundreds of albinos on a massive scale for the pet trade.